RB Spectra were appointed as the authorised distributor for GM International range of products in West Malaysia (East Coast) since 2018.

Intrinsically Safe Isolators

Product we cover

– SIL 3 Barriers – SIL 3 Smart Relays – SIL 3 Surge Protectors
– SIL 3 Safety Relays – SIL 3 Hart Multiplexer – SIL 3 Power Supply


For further information please visit www.gminternational.com

Living Quarters Offshore

RB Spectra is one of the key players within the industry specializing in the fabrication of offshore leaving quarters. There are two types of leaving quarters that we are focusing in which is modular leaving quarters and conventional leaving quarters.

For the past years, RB Spectra has conducted a few projects with Murphy oil to fabricate Modular leaving quarters for Kikeh platform which is located at Sabah water. Apart from that, RB Spectra also have also conducted a few projects related to conventional leaving quarters which mainly located in Sabah water.

Minor fabrication

RB Spectra have conducted a few minor fabrication projects such as electrical support bracket, Skids for water tank, platform deck extension, stairs as well as handrail of which focuses on offshore platform and onshore oil and gas plant.